Kitchen 1540

It all started with a restaurant that was opening in 60 days…and didn’t have a name.

We were asked to help get the restaurant open and, of course, one thing led to another and we’ve since opened the spa and refreshed the resort’s brand. L’Auberge Del Mar was in the midst of completing a $26 million renovation and the hotel was open, but their signature restaurant was still in the works. KITCHEN 1540 became our focus and we defined the overall experience, developed the creative expression, and picked the uniforms (including the red vans, totally seaside sweet). We’ve even created viral marketing videos that give a sense of the restaurant’s personality – while it might be fine dining, there’s nothing stuffy or starched about KITCHEN 1540. Since opening, we’ve developed a unique positioning for the restaurant, complete with a tone of voice, website, some really sweet matches (one review talked about them specifically – we swear!) and an advertising campaign that has made people stop and take notice – we like that.