With the restaurant, Kitchen 1540, open, we started to look at the resort as a whole.

After completing their renovation, the L’Auberge team realized the brand expression wasn’t doing justice up to the hotel’s stunning new look or its surroundings. We spent time bringing all that is unique about the hotel into the expression to create one, seamless L’Auberge Del Mar experience – from before you enter the doors until you step inside. We’ve developed advertising for both leisure and group, re-skinned the website and are putting the finishing touches on a new property brochure, among other things. It’s true – the sea never has been this sweet…just check out the view from the deck (or your room) and you’ll be smitten.

Spa L’Auberge marks the completion of L’Auberge’s renovation. We’ve named and branded the Spa – from positioning and tone of voice to expression and collateral. We defined the advertising style, made the uniforms (yup) and generally got really into the project from service standards to sourcing the perfect custom trays.

We work to create strong brands for the resort, KITCHEN 1540 and Spa L’Auberge that stand alone easily, while also working together to create a product bigger and better than the sum of its parts.

so gnarly, best heist of the year, movie worthy although im bummed its me and on the two week reunion, its def crippled my biz which sucks. I can't begin to imagine the motivation Behind this act it has caused me great stress and reflection u win. u have crippled us unless u can prove that our stuff isnt in china by now, all money is toward my team and families in these final months I guess a blessing in disguise If you know me u know I work hard if you do not know me well it doesn't matter I am not so much worried about me but more my team that shows up everyday And works hard And now this effects them and my clients With that said you win I have made a decision that the stress and the obligation to my team is too much for me and in fairness to my team i need to slowly unwind.. I have decided over the next 120 to strategically lay off and slowly close 1650 and snuff it from existence Less stress on my heart and mind If I did inflict pain or stress on you I apologize For that i can only hope this somewhat Makes you feel better and some closure That this is the result you have created Me and my wife have worked hard to get 1650 from zero to here as well as a lot of other folks And I give u credit on this heist it took balls and was flawlessly executed to the point Sdpd has never seen anything like it Be well and if your close enough to the dust you will witness your wake as 1650 dismantles And I focus on riding my bike and helping others In a weird way thank you for allowing Me this opportunity to see life here on earth differently and thanks for bringing the van back, my bro with no legs is now 700 miles into his RAAM adventure and the van is supporting him