With the restaurant, Kitchen 1540, open, we started to look at the resort as a whole.

After completing their renovation, the L’Auberge team realized the brand expression wasn’t doing justice up to the hotel’s stunning new look or its surroundings. We spent time bringing all that is unique about the hotel into the expression to create one, seamless L’Auberge Del Mar experience – from before you enter the doors until you step inside. We’ve developed advertising for both leisure and group, re-skinned the website and are putting the finishing touches on a new property brochure, among other things. It’s true – the sea never has been this sweet…just check out the view from the deck (or your room) and you’ll be smitten.

Spa L’Auberge marks the completion of L’Auberge’s renovation. We’ve named and branded the Spa – from positioning and tone of voice to expression and collateral. We defined the advertising style, made the uniforms (yup) and generally got really into the project from service standards to sourcing the perfect custom trays.

We work to create strong brands for the resort, KITCHEN 1540 and Spa L’Auberge that stand alone easily, while also working together to create a product bigger and better than the sum of its parts.