Station Casinos

From the concept to the delivery of over 1,000 design jobs. We helped deliver one of the most successful advertising campaigns in Las Vegas history.

Station Casinos needed more than a campaign, they needed an electrifying movement… a movement centered on their great service, value, and entertainment. What we created was “We Love Locals,” a passionate conversation about service and value connected to a massive promotion that cut across all areas of Station’s business: casino, hotel, food & beverage, and entertainment. Utilizing Station employees in all TV, Print, and Outdoor, we galvanized the 12,000-strong employee base and kicked off a massive show of love for locals that included thousands of deal at all 18 properties and a website that surpassed all expectations for customer involvement. We also created the 220-car Car-A-Day giveaway and managed all advertising and promotion around it. Oh, and we did it all in English and Spanish. 1400 employees taken through the casting process, 464 pieces of art designed, 80 Print Ads, 43 Billboards… huge numbers met with a huge response. We are showing the love and the love is coming back. The passionate conversation we created engaged and continues to change the market. It became a movement. It’s long-term, it’s sustainable, and it has connected everyone with the emotion of the business–which is what we do best.